nuggetsthaiboxinggym_aboutpic01For over 20 years, Nugget's Thai Boxing Gym (NTG) has been at the forefront of Qld Thai boxing. The gym was founded by Nugget, underpinned by his vision for a truly authentic Thai boxing gym, for professionals who wanted to train and fight as the Thais do.

While NTG has moved location from time to time, the premises have grown and many new faces have emerged over the years, the gym remains true to Nugget's vision, and is now as much as ever a true professional fighter's Thai boxing gym, with the track record and long list of fighters to prove it. Better known names include Brendon “Humpty” Short, Soren Eminent Air NTG, Ghot Seur Noi and Dane Daddy Cool, among others.

nuggetsthaiboxinggym_facilitiespic02Inside, the full sized regulation boxing ring is positioned as something of a centre-stage for training and sparring, with a large matted area surrounding. Punish Fight Gear sponsor the gym and provide a comprehensive range of top quality bags and training equipment for the fighters as well as a full range of professional equipment for the pad holders. The gym's core pad holding talent comes from the bulk of the professional fighters and ex-fighters who’ve worked through the NTG ranks over time. Thailand connections are routinely drawn on to recruit top tier Thai trainers at strategic times throughout the year to complement the existing talent.

Nugget's Thai Boxing Gym About UsWhile NTG is and will continue to be designed specifically around the needs of the elite professionals of the sport, beginners and amateurs can benefit from the environment with a range of training and development programs, after all, that’s where Nugget identifies the fighters with the determination and talent to make it in the sport. As at the beginning of 2009, the inside word is to keep an eye on Tyson NTG, Kevin Lay and “Little B”.

nuggetsthaiboxinggym_aboutpic03Nugget's Thai Boxing Gym Evolution PromotionsNugget’s other related interest, Evolution Promotions, continues to raise the bar as the country’s premier Thai boxing event promoter. Josh Sexton, business partner, close friend and the first great professional fighter to come from the gym, is completely focused on building the business of putting on the country’s best ever shows. Nugget notes that his own dual responsibilities as the other half of Evolution Promotions and the Head Trainer/Manager of NTG provide a healthy balance, he says “Understanding every detail of how the shows need to come together gives a trainer a more rounded perspective to matching fights and managing fighters' career paths, plus I’m enjoying the challenges that go with running a rapidly growing business – and Josh is a brilliant business partner to have”.

Nugget remains very hands on with the training at NTG and can often be spotted holding Thai pads and sparring with the gym’s leading fighters. It remains a gym where everyone pitches in and nothing less than 100% is the minimum commitment expected from the fighters, as it has been for more than 20 years.

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