Private May Thai training tuition with active and talented professionals are available by appointment only. Please call Soren for more information, prices and to book your time on 0404 059 160.

Nugget – Currently Unavaiable

nuggetFights - 52

Wins - 36

Losses - 15

Draws - 1

K/Os - 26

Nugget McNaught was drawn to martial arts from a young age and had his black belt in karate by 17 years of age. By 18 he had found his calling, Muay Thai boxing. He opened his gym over 20 years ago and has produced some of the best Muay Thai fighters in Australia.

In 1999 Nugget received the Blitz Hall of Fame Muay Thai Trainer of the Year. His fighters are hand selected and decided to living and breathing the art of Muay Thai.


sorenFights - 84

Wins - 57

Losses - 25

Draws - 2

K/Os - 36

Soren Monkongtong Is head Trainer at NTG, he started training with Nugget at 13 years old having his first fight at 15 years old.

25 years later and still training at Nuggets gym, he then become one of the most active & talented professional Muay Thai fighters in the world. Soren Now Retired has taken on the role of Head Coach at NTG and has trained Champions for over 7 years.

He is available for One on One Training Week Days Via Appointment Only.

Ghot Seurnoi


Ghot Seurnoi started training at NTG about 15 years ago and has since won the WKN world title and cemented his place as one of the best in Australian Muay Thai history..

Ghot is still training at Nuggets gym, and he has limited one on one spots available for private training.

Daddy Kool

daneFights - 58

Wins - 48

Losses - 9

Draws - 1

K/Os - 35

Dane "Daddy Kool" Beauchamp has been in the sport of Muay Thai fighting for over 10 years.

Trained by Nugget, Dane has held the title of Australian Champion and fought all over the world, including Japan, Thailand and New Zealand.


Learn from one of the best Muay Thai trainers in the business, classes are structured to cater to all levels...

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Gym Facilities
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Nugget furthered his studies into Buddhism by traveling to Burirum, 6 hours drive from Bangkok...

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Sak Yant
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